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Saturday, June 18, 2011
FYP .. what is FYP???? FINAL YEAR PROJECT!!! wow final year... i have to bare one more year then i'll become a successful GEOLOGIST .. seriously I never imagine that i'll become a geologist or took geology as my major for degree.. ever since i was a kid i dream to be a scientist, but at that time i just thought that scientist is a person who invented or create something new like new machine, new robot, new meds and other things that NEW ahahah that why i like physic so damn much (but i always no good in physics, but compare with biology?? ughhh physics is way much fun!!!) never across in my mind that geologist is actually is a SCIENTIST !! then can i say that i almost achieve my dream?? hurmm not yet wait till I get my scroll.. ahh i still remember when i was 10 or 11 i asked my mom to bought me the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC cd collection hhahaha usually a kid they asked parents for cartoon cd or toys but yeah i do request of those things too like doraemon collection TAPE, anak-anak sidek comics and many others things.

ahh back to FYP.. my project is about rocks lol okay the title is GEOLOGI AM DAN UBAHSUAI JASAD BATUAN CERUN... ahhaha seriously.. i don't even know what is that.. don't ask me.. but basically its about cerun la.. ahahaha but thanks to my super lovely senior miss JENNIFER GRACE for giving me her thesis draft!! ahahaha now i have primary reference.. at least now i know a little bit about what am I suppose to look when at field ahhaa okay anyway.. today i decided to take a look around my area to find an outcrops with my two lovely friends sheila and syaf.. at the end of the day we rewarded ourselves with berkubang in the river ahhahaaha we stop at sungai kibunut and swim swim, lay lay and talk talk and we have a great day.. cause i can't remember when the last time i laugh that loud ahhaha overall all the burden in my head i feel a little lighter than before... we play there macam da x ingt dunia smpai x mau balik!!! ahahaha but we have too...=( so at 2 pm we head back to KOTA KINABALU ..

but thanks to both of you I have a great day!!!!


  1. jenJENn said...:

    uuuuu ada nama akuuuu~~~~~

  1. MIRA said...:

    hahaha jenn mao like kome ko mcm fb tapi tia dpt ahahah =)

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