1st day of teaching

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
okay since i'm teaching english in Sk likas so this entries will be in english hahahahaha lol

first day of teaching???? seriously its not what I expecting...
let me told you what I expect the student will give me:
1. seat down and quiet
2.listening very well when i'm talking
3. can get what i talk in english
4.do whatever i ask them to do exp:doing some exercise on the activity book
5.odorless or have pleasant smell
6. respect me

however none of above ever happen!!!! sigh....
they are not seat down instead they are playing around the class, seat on the table and even worst seat on my chair!!!! definitely not quiet .no matter how many times i yell and asked them to silent.. not even a second the class are quiet.

well of course they are not listening while i'm talking . cause they are playing around!!!! i even try to get their attention by said that we are going to play some game. but their respond are not what i'm expecting.. instead of it they become more uncontrolled .. screaming, yelling, knock the table and some other thing that indescribable...

because i'm teaching english so i tried to talk with them in english but they looked lost and don't get what i talked about.. i try to use simple english but none of it is worked. maybe its may fault also that i have no experience in teaching.. FYI i don't even once teaching my little brother or helping him with his school work.

do whatever i ask them to do???? hell to the NO!!!

okay this is the funniest part... i have to admit , back then when i was still a little small keding primary school girl i also don't have a nice smell i mean body smell.. its common.. don't tell me that all of you have a pleasant smell when u are in primary school.come think about it , how can i ever comfortable with that kind of smell when i was a kid??? the smell was like pungent smell .. its really are.. told you guys PUNGENT smell.. ahhh then i thought "maybe.. just maybe.... but might be definitely I'M NOT SMELL LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS A KID!!!" hahahahhahaha (evil teacher don't ever try to do this when teaching)

uhhh this is the most frustrated part... respect... no comment but they have no respect in me.. not even one!!!

smart??? hurmmmm indescribable.. the perfect word maybe miserable hahaha

thats all for my first day of teaching

your truly kindly and beautifully

LOL hahahahahahaha

life isn't fair ='(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011